Sunday, 15 July 2007

World War 1

Hi, this is a frame - the first one I've drawn but not the first frame if you know what I mean - in a stroryboard I am drawing (going to draw) of a First World War dog fight between a British and German plane. I think it could be an exciting sequence, but quite hard to draw. I've collected some WW1 aircraft referecence off the net so am all set to go. I think I may just draw some images that excite me and then create a sequence from that, rather than slavishly thinking about a sequence from a to b. I have certain shots I would like to draw and then I'll try and link these togther. I may work we'll see. The great thing about working on the computer is that you can easly turn a little doodle into a finished piece of work.

I am also going to enter a storyboard competition that Corel (the makers of Painter) are running. I got a newsletter from them, something I normally just glance at before bining, but this item caught my attention. There are three scripts and I think you have to pick a scene from one and storyboard it. The competition will be judged by professionals from the industry. I bet one of them will be Dan Milligan, he is a storybaording hero of mine who does all his work in Painter. He is one of the artists the Corel us in thier Painter X promtions so I'm sure he'll be judgeing. I think the deadline is sometime in November so lots of time not to do anything about it then panic the night before and do some awful scribbles. No that won't happen this time!

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