Thursday, 13 March 2008

Getting Back Into It

Well I haven't posted anything since last year, and that was in the summer. So I have decided to get back into it and try and post things regularly.  This is a speed paint, about 40- 45 mins in Painter.  It is not great but it is a start.  I've got werewolves on the brain at the moment and am working on a storyboard to send out and try and get some storyboarding work.  I might post some frames from that soon.

I haven't done alot of speed painting, and I'm not really happy with this one. Still it is all practice.  The sky is the worst part.  I couldn't decide whether it was sunset or sunrise.  It is supposed to be a werewolf entering a cave.  I had this image of the creature being strongly backlit by the sun or very bright sky, with the edges of the body slightly blurred,  It sort of works in places.