Thursday, 19 July 2007


The Red Baron's machine gun fire strafes the Britsh plane!!

This as you may have guessed is another frame from my WW1 storyboard. I think it is ok. I'm not sure it goes stylistically with the last one. The clouds are a bit too painterly. I got a bit bored doing the arial view of the ground visible through the clouds. Anyway I enjoyed doing it but must speed up. Sarah says they are too detailed for storyboards but I don't agree. Storyboards come in all shapes and sizes, depending on purpose, time etc As these are promotional ones, so I need them to be good. However I do need to be able to deliver this level of drawing (whatever that is) in the time frame of the job, if I'm being paid. I can't spend two hours on each frame and then expect to deliver 20 - 40 frames in a day. Something I've done before. But I suppose I need to be able to say to clients what the drawings will be like given the number of drawings and how quickly they want them done. God I'm so boring waffling on like that, sorry.

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