Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Achtung Englander!

Hi this is another frame from my WW1 dogfight sequence. I am quite pleased with it but it took me far too long. Anyway it started pretty badly so I'm pleased to have got it looking as good as this. I'm not sure about the blur on the propeller, I think that it is a little distracting, but I do think that the eye is drawn to th pilot so maybe it works ok.

Good and bad news this week. I got called about a storyboarding job - Goodnews. I had to turn it down as I was too busy with work - Bad news. She'll probably never call again. This was from a mail out I did months ago. I must get another one out soon. I really think that I can get this storyboarding to work as a second string type of thing. If we hadn't been so busy I might have been able to sneak off and met her but I just couldn't get away as I had 2 drawings to finish for the set. Anyway a inflow is an inflow and she obvioulsy didn't think my drawings were complete crap. Which is nice.

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