Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Space Girl Reborn

Cliched Space Girl is back and this time she's looking good. Well at least better. I had another idea of how to do this picture and started doing some marker sketches yesterday which went pretty badly. I gave up but then sat down and did one more sketch with pencil. I turned out much better than I had expected. I don't know if it was just because I had more control with the pencil than with markers or that I had warmed up a bit. Anyway I went to bed yestrday feeling ok about it. I wanted to post it but my scanner is at work.

Today looking over the marker sketches again it seemed to me that they had a certain energy that was lacking in the pencil sketch. I had intended to bring my scanner home, but having forgotten I decided to sketch over one of the marker sketches on my wacom tablet as a way of bringing it into Painter. I then work on it in painter and the result is posted above. I know there are loads of problems with the drawing, for instance I think her left leg might be dislocated! Those aside however I would like to push this drawing onto a colour one in a comic book style. I need to do alittle research into inking styles. But that is for another time.

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