Thursday, 5 July 2007

From bad to worse

What can I say. Things are not going well with Space Girl. I've really not got the hang of the painting thing yet. I know that I don't do it often enough and yet expect to turn out a Leonardo, but this really is pretty shitty. She looks like all the kind of amatuerish paintings I hate. I know she's not finished and I've probably spent far to long worrying about the face when I should be working across the whole image. Also this is being done without any reference at all, which doesn't help.

I suppose I should crack on there is so much more to do. I don't know if I can face finishing Space Girl or whether I should try something else. It would probalby best for me to try and take Space Girl to a done, then at least I might learn something rather than just give up when things get difficult. I think I'll try and get some reference images togther and try to proceed from there. Who knows something magical might happen......I can't wait! That is sarcasm by the way.

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